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Medical tourism

The S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Cheboksary affiliate - is one of leading Russian centers to render high tech ophthalmic aid in case of various eye diseases and states. One of the first clinics of world famous Academician  Sviatoslav Nikolaevich Fyodorov the Cheboksary clinic is one among 10 affiliates of "Eye Microsurgery" to receive patients from all parts of Russia and many foreign states. Each year 20-25 thousand surgeries are rendered - refractive laser to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, ultramodern surgeries for cataract and glaucoma treatment up to complex reconstructive interferencies after heavy traumatic damages of eye. During 32 years of Cheboksary clinic's work 750 thousand patients started to see surrounding world in its best.


How you can come to examination

If you are a foreign patient and you want to come to Russia for treatment at Cheboksary affiliate IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" please connect organizational and methodological department. Our English speaking employees will help you to do all the necessary to apply to treatment.



Tel +7 (835) 249-24-77, +7 (835) 249-26-16
E-mail: dmitrieva@mntkcheb.ru (mailto: dmitrieva@mntkcheb.ru), batkov@mntkcheb.ru (mailto: batkov @mntkcheb.ru)


Your inquiry will be processed. In order to give you most precise information concerning treatment at "Eye Microsurgery" we should know about your state as much as possible. Please send us all available medical documents: ophthalmologist conclusion, results of investigations in English.

Based on your information we will prepare informational letter in which approximate price of treatment will be mentioned. In some cases when we cannot guarantee that any treatment will be rendered to patient in case of severeness of disease, only cost of diagnostic examination will be mentioned. You can apply for visa with the information letter. Pay attention that decision about visa issue is up to Russian embassy. Our information letter doesn't guarantee visa issue for foreign patients.


You have to take with you:

  • passport
  • informational letter
  • medicines and eye drops in their packaging
  • glasses and contact lenses if you use them
  • sun glasses if you will be dropped eye drops to dilate pupil


When you arrive

Apply to reference of diagnostics or administrator on duty (idle hours).



English language translator of our department can help you.



During examination and treatment you can stay at our hotel. Hotel of "Eye Microsurgery" corresponds to high standards and allows patients to concentrate on treatment.

You can find prices for medical services of Cheboksary affiliate "Eye Microsurgery"